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Microsoft Office 365 User creation Guide

Login to

1.After successful login click admin icon

2.On the left menu of your admin panel under Users menu click on Active users

3.You will not be able to see a list of all active users in order to add new user click on Add a user button
4.A form will popup to create user account please fill the form and click next

·Click Auto Generate password (It will automatically generate random strong passwords for first login) ·Click Require users to change their password when they first sign in ·Click Send password in email upon completion and provide email address where you want to receive default passwords. ·Click Next > Next > Next > Finish Adding A new user will be created and new passwords will be shared to the Provided email address

How to install and set up Webmin on Ubuntu /linux

Webmin is a web-based control panel for your linux server which can be used to manage and operate your linux using web-based GUI. We personally use the interface to manage our storage server.
Webmin is more likely an interface designed for administrators who want to control server activities from within or outside the server over a network. In this tutorial will be setting up webmin on Ubuntu 18.04.
Requirements 1. Installed Ubuntu 16.04 or higner 2. An active internet connection.

Updating Server First thing first, we recommend updating your server everytime before installing any package to you linus OS. use the command below to update. sudo apt update
Installing Webmin
Before you begin installing webmin it is required to installl apache on our server (Apache is platform used to run webmin and other browser based applications in Linux)
sudo apt install apache2 Restarting apache
sudo systemctl restart apache2 Downloading webmin: now we will need to download webmin by using the comm…